About Us

abo1We are a family based business that have been in business for over 50 years now. Farming has always been in the family and so has the need to make things go a little bit easier while in the field. With that in mind, our business was formed after the wind had blown our windrows all over the field one day. We came up with the idea of adding a wheel with curved rubber fingers to rake the hay into the baler without having to drive all over the field dodging bales of hay to get the loose wind blown hay. The farmers near here said that they needed the same thing for there balers and over night the farm shop turned into a manufacturing shop.






abo2Whenever there is a new baler model that has come out, we try to fit our mounting brackets on the new baler whenever it is possible to do so. The round balers have a little well known problem of rolling out a barrel shaped bale if the driver is new at baling with a round baler. The driver would have to constantly drive the tractor so the hay will feed into the pick-up teeth on each side to eliminate this problem. With the hay savers installed on his baler, the job goes a lot easier because the wheels add the extra width to feed the ends of the bale eliminating the barrel shaped bales.

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