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We are a family based business that have been in business for over 50 years now. Farming has always been in the family and so has the need to make things go a little bit easier while in the field. With that in mind, our business was formed after the wind had blown our windrows all over the field one day. We came up with the idea of adding a wheel with curved rubber fingers to rake the hay into the baler without having to drive all over the field dodging bales of hay to get the loose wind blown hay. The farmers near here said that they needed the same thing for there balers and over night the farm shop turned into a manufacturing shop.


Best Hay Saver Gathering Wheels

Why waste hay when you can bale it all the first time around? We have been in business for over 40 years manufacturing hay saver gathering wheels that fit most balers. Small square balers use one wheel on the right side of the pick-up easily adding a foot and a half of extra width. Large square and round balers use 2 wheels for over 3 feet of added width to the pick-up area. The 24 fingered rubber ring rides on top of the stubble cleanly rolling the hay into the pick-up teeth of the baler. The wheel rides smoothly over border checks or rough ground and swings up for transport.

The 24 fingered rubber ring is available for the right and left side of the baler. The curved fingers release the hay into the pick-up teeth of the baler without any carry over. We manufacture our rubber rings out of neoprene rubber so they will hold up in the toughest conditions. We manufacture adaptor brackets that will bolt on to most balers with 3 bolts. Contact your nearest farm implement dealer for your model of baler. Most of our dealers are in the western states, so contact us if you are from another area that we have not expanded to.

There are many other harvesting applications where these wheels can help you with your harvesting needs. We have put them on bean harvesters, green choppers, tomato harvesters just to name a few.

Hay Saver Gathering Wheels Are Fully Adjustable For Any Crop Conditions.

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